About Us

Hypersoul is a multi-faceted, multi-tasking, music and entertainment business firm based in New Orleans, LA.  Hypersoul began operations in 1999 as an entertainment and event consulting company and quickly increased its capacity to full event production.  In 2005, Hypersoul expanded its services with the addition of artist management and development.  Today, Hypersoul represents a diverse roster of some of the most heralded artists from New Orleans, including Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Stooges Brass Band, Mia Borders, Luke Winslow-King, Sasha Masakowski and Khris Royal.  As a natural extension of its role in the music business, Hypersoul launched a boutique record label in 2010 and introduced, Hypersoul Records.

Drawing upon the experience of its principals and associates, Hypersoul has the ability, flexibility and creativity to respond to the continuously evolving and shifting dynamics of the music industry.